Standing Strong for
Injured Workers.
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Standing Strong for
Injured Workers.
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Zare Paralegal Services offers WSIB legal services as licensed paralegals and is proudly located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our team effectively advocates for injured workers who need help with WSIB and other disability claims and appeals.

Have you been hurt at work? Do you have mental stress due to your injury, or due to workplace harassment? Are you being pressured to return to work against your doctors’ recommendations? Are you struggling with PTSD?

In Ontario, there are WSIB lawyers and WSIB paralegals available to help you with these matters. At Zare Paralegal Services, we are experts in WSIB matters and have years of experience with WSIB and CPP Disability Appeals.

We offer free consultations, and evening and weekend appointments by request.

CPP Disability Claims And Appeals

If you become disabled and can no longer work, you may be eligible to apply for and receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits. Our firm can assist you through all levels of the CPP Disability Application process. This can include assistance with the initial application, the reconsideration stage, and if required, filing an appeal with the Social Security Tribunal (SST). Your monthly CPP Disability amount is based on the contributions you have made to the Canada Pension Plan in addition to a fixed amount. If you have dependent children, you are eligible for an additional payment for each child. Contact us to find out if it is beneficial for you to apply for this benefit, or need assistance appealing a denial.

WSIB Claims And Appeals

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board provides benefits to workers who have suffered injuries arising out of the workplace. However, knowing what you may be entitled to, or navigating the system, can be overwhelming when you are suffering from the effects of your injury. At Zare Paralegal Services we are paralegals who advocate for injured workers. We can manage your WSIB claim and represent you at your hearing before the WSIB Appeal Services Division and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.

First Responders

The team at Zare Paralegal Services has extensive experience dealing with PTSD claims, particularly among First Responders. PTSD is now recognized to be work-related unless otherwise shown, this is what is commonly referred to as a presumption. This came into effect with Bill 163, Supporting Ontario’s First Responders Act. As these claims can be quite complex, we offer guidance and support in navigating the WSIB claims process while our clients focus on their recovery. We also handle any appeals surrounding entitlement to benefits for PTSD, including any disputes around entitlement to loss of earnings.

March 10, 2023

Why Police Budgets Matter: The Physical and Psychological Toll of Chronic Mental Stress

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news recently over the “staffing crisis” in policing.  This presents a real occupational health and safety concern for police officers in our province. We all know that police officers will be subjected to traumatic events over the course of their careers.  But what happens when an officer encounters this trauma, in the context of understaffing and an intense workload? Here’s one officer’s story. We’ll call him Detective […]
February 28, 2023

Total Disability vs. Competitive Unemployability – What’s the Difference?

Can an injured worker be eligible for 100% LOE to age 65 even where there is no medical opinion confirming total disability? When determining whether an injured worker able to work in the general labour market, consideration must be given not only to their physical and/or psychological injuries, but also their personal characteristics such as their age, level of education, experience, transferable skills. This notion of holistic adjudication allows for the decision maker to deviate […]
February 9, 2023

A Stroke of Bad Decisions: A K-9 Officer’s Pursuit of Justice from the WSIB

It started like any other regular day at work for this K-9 officer.  But just before he finished his shift, he received a call about a suspect who was in pursuit.  Lights and sirens on, he had to get to the opposite side of town and track down the suspect. Imagine the adrenaline rush while running with the dog, an excited 60-lb German Shepherd, tugging on the leash in your hand, tracking the scent of […]

We are WSIB paralegals.

In Ontario, you have a choice when it comes to choosing a legal representative – paralegals and lawyers can help you solve your legal problems and protect your rights.

As Paralegals, we are professionally educated and insured and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

As WSIB paralegals, we are experts in the area of workplace injury law. If you have been hurt at work, and denied compensation, contact us for your free consultation.

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