Paralegal, and Founder of Zare Paralegal Services

Michelle Zare established this firm in 2009, driven by her passion for advocacy and justice.  Zare Paralegal Services is a paralegal firm dedicated to defending the rights of injured workers.  As a licensed Paralegal, Michelle has extensive experience with appeals before the WSIB Appeals Services Division, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT), and CPP Disability Appeals before the Social Security Tribunal.  She has a particular interest and specialty in WSIB claims involving psychological injuries such as chronic mental stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Michelle is also involved in professional development through the Law Society of Ontario, through chairing conferences and the development of continuing education courses, and is also an active member of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the Ontario Bar Association.  In 2013 Michelle was a recipient of the First Ontario Small Business 1Award, and was recognized as one of Hamilton’s Top 40 Under 40 for Business Achievement in 2015.

Michelle continues to be active in her community through her support of the annual Unity Run in Hamilton, which raises mental health awareness among First Responders. In her spare time, Michelle loves to spend time with her family, travelling and indulging in her passion for fashion.

Never afraid to speak up against injustice, Michelle stands strong for injured workers across Ontario.



Carin Pelka joined the Zare Paralegal Services team in 2015 and comes with 38 years of experience in the field of WSIB.  Following her retirement from the WSIB, she began her second career as an advocate, obtaining her Paralegal License in 2008.  Given her background, she provides assistance as needed to this firm, whether in a consultative or an advocacy role.  Carin is a passionate advocate, and with her strong attention to detail she holds WSIB case managers accountable, no matter how old the claim may be.

In her spare time, Carin is an avid skier, enjoying the winter season.  She is also musically inclined, having played in a band for 43 years.


Law Clerk

Nicole is our resident law clerk and has been working at Zare Paralegal Services since 2014. She enjoyed an education in Anthropology from McMaster University and Education from Brock University, and holds degrees in both fields.

On a daily basis, Nicole assists our Paralegals throughout the appeal process for both the WSIB and CPP.  She acts as a liaison between our clients, our Paralegals, and the WSIB, Service Canada or the Social Security Tribunal. She is also happy to assist new CPP Disability clients with the initial application process.

Nicole is excited to be part of a team who advocates for injured workers and disabled individuals. It is for this reason that she  is proud to be part of the growing organization at Zare Paralegal Services.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and enjoying the food and arts culture in Hamilton.

Julianna Chiarini

Administrative Assistant

Julianna joined the Zare team in 2017, initially as a part time file support clerk and is now our full time Receptionist and Administrative Assistant.  In her role, Julianna is often the first person our clients encounter, whether on the phone or at the front desk.  Her warm personality makes her ideal in this role, and she is a solid addition to our team.

Outside of work, Julianna enjoys spending time with family, catching a movie with friends, or grabbing a bite to eat at many of Hamilton’s cultured restaurants.