CPP Disability Claims and Appeals

The Canada Pension Plan Disability program provides financial assistance for CPP contributors who are no longer able to work due to disability. If approved, benefits are paid on a monthly basis to the applicant and his or her dependent children.

In order to qualify for CPP Disability Benefits, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be under age 65
    • Have earned a calculated minimum amount and contributed to CPP while working for at least 4 out of the last 6 years.
    • Applicants who have contributed for 25 or more years are eligible if they have worked 3 out of the last 6 years.
    • If you have delayed applying for CPP Disability benefits, you may be eligible for benefits under the late applicant provision.
    • Have a disability that is considered ‘severe’ or ‘prolonged’ according to CPP legislation.

The application process can be daunting, as it is the responsibility of the applicant to establish evidence of their disability. This includes ensuring that medical documentation and all necessary forms and authorizations are submitted to Service Canada.

There are two potential stages to CPP Disability adjudication at the Service Canada level. At the first stage, your application and supporting medical report from your physician are evaluated and assessed for the eligibility criteria under the Plan. If your application is denied, you must then request reconsideration. At this stage, you must write to Service Canada and explain why they erred in their original decision regarding your application. If your reconsideration request is denied, you must then file a Notice of Appeal with the Social Security Tribunal of Canada, where your appeal may be heard in writing, by teleconference or through an in-person hearing.

Zare Paralegal Services is happy to assistant you at any level of the CPP Disability Benefit process, including the initial application procedure. If you are denied at any stage, we can assist you with your request for reconsideration or represent you before the Social Security Tribunal. We have many years of experience assisting people with their CPP Disability claims. We offer fast service, genuine concern for our clients, and extensive knowledge of relevant case law.
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